CHEU Aachen: objectives have not been reached

The 2015 edition of the FEI European Championships took place in Aachen, in the mythical equestrian stadium. Welcoming every year a stage of the Rolex Grand Slam, the city has organized these European championships in addition this year. The organization was perfect as usual, and of the beautiful sport was offered to the spectators during these two weeks of competitions.
Left with for objective to come back from Germany with at least a medal, Kevin Staut did not achieve this one but he was satisfied with one of the two only magnificent double clear rounds during the individual final, on Sunday afternoon.
In the lead of the provisional ranking at the end of the first round of the second qualifying class, the French team collapsed during the team finale. Hard to accept… The consolation arrived on Sunday with the bronze medal of Simon Delestre and Ryan des Hayettes, waiting in ambush from the beginning of the championships.

Kevin Staut gives us his impressions: "These championships had begun well for France.  After the speed class, the Team ranked 2nd and Pénélope took the lead in individual. However, I was disappointed by my course. Our chronometer was really very good but it was without taking into account our two fences down. My fault on the n°1 should not have occurred. I should have been more attentive. 35th after the speed class, my chances for an individual podium were already compromised as from the beginning. From now on I had to do my utmost for the team.
The day after, in the first round of the Nations Cup, Rêveur and me were clear round just as Pénélope and Simon. France was then in the lead in individual and by team. We had serious chances and we have let them escape… On Friday evening, in the second round, we collapsed. No one of us managed to perform the difficult course without penalty. The penalty was immediate, there will be no podium for France in the team Championship. These faults also made us back away in the individual ranking. Pénélope, Simon and I are all the same qualified for the individual finale. My two team-mates had strong hopes of medals if they assured clear round courses. Pénélope will add up 4 points on both rounds, losing any hope of podium, and Simon 1 penalty time, offering itself the bronze medal. Concerning me, Rêveur performed two amazing courses. I had to perform a double clear rounds. For me, it was essential to conclude on a positive note, as well for me, that for Rêveur, my team, my owners…. I shall have reached at least this aim. This double clear rounds in the individual final allowed us to go back of the 25th to the 10th place.

Even if Simon's performance limits my feeling of disappointment, I am disappointed that we were not able to reach our aim by team. Our horses were in form, we were ready for this competition and we have failed. I have not the same feel that at the end of the European championships of Herning, but it is a frustration.
Our next major objective will be the finale of the Nations Cup in Barcelona, in September. I do not still know if I shall be a member of the team but, whatever happens, the team which will be in Barcelona will have to learn from what we lived in Aachen.

Entered in classes which took place in parallel of the European Championships, Silvana made a good performance in the Grand Prix of Saturday evening, by taking a 8th place.

This week, all the stable takes a little of rest. We shall be back on the circuit from the 3rd September, on the occasion of the Stephex Masters, in Brussels."

Videos :
Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC - individual final - round 2 - 1,60 m
Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC - individual final - round 1 - 1,60 m
Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC - team competition - round 1 - 1,60 m