GCT Valkenswaard: Expected results have not been obtained

This edition of the Global Champions Tower of Valkenswaard was mitigated and the Grand Prix took place in relatively difficult conditions, the pouring rain falling continuously during all the class… Nevertheless, it was a new beautiful edition, taking place in infrastructures always more modern.
Kevin Staut was present with three of his mares and took part, in parallel, in a training camp to prepare the FEI European Championships. All the French team was indeed able to follow several days of preparation in installations situated near the competition course of Valkenswaard.

Kevin Staut: « Valkenswaard is a great show. I like very much taking part in it but, in every participation, I do not obtain expected results. I do not know how to explain why… This year, I had chosen to enter this competition because the training camp for the European Championships took place beside. So it allowed me to conjugate both. Moreover, Valkenswaard being situated only to hundred kilometers from Aachen, it was judicious to proceed like this. All the French team was so able to gather during several days and we all left at the same time for the Championships. We so stay in this team spirit which we were able to develop during the training camp. This latter was gone very well. Each was able to organize his program according to his horse. There was a very good team spirit.For my part, Rêveur has made one jump session and, the rest of the time, he galloped on a grass track. Rêveur is on form and he is well arrived in Aachen this morning.

To speak about the competition, I would have hoped better results.
Elky, which began nevertheless well the weekend by realizing a beautiful working course in the 1,45 m class of the first day, performed a bad Grand Prix. The conditions were not optimal but we go out of the arena with 12 points, what is not really satisfactory. We commit faults on the last three fences: the second and the third element of the triple combination and then on the last one of the course. I did not want that she stays on these big faults in the triple combination, so I chose to enter her in the 1,55 m class on Sunday. I was so able to rectify our errors of the day before. We make one fence down but we end 9th of the class.
Ayade, as for her, performed two 4 points courses, with a little bit unusual faults for her. She makes a fault on the entrance of the double combination of the Thursday's class and on the number 2 in the 1,50 m class on Friday. With her recent return on the international circuit, which took place in the CSI3* of Ommen the previous weekend of Valkenswaard, Ayade had not recovered maybe completely. I would certainly have had to leave her a little more important time of rest between both competitions, so that her return is made in a more progressive way.
Sunday, which had performed a very good competition in Mannheim, in July, took part in the  team competition organized for the first time on the Global Champions Tour circuit. We were associated to Ludger Beerbaum and For Sale and our team took the 5th place of the final ranking. An unfortunate fault in the second round deprives us of a double clear round, but I am all the same very satisfied with my mare.

We are from now on in the final straight before the European Championships. My concentration for this competition is from now on maximal. Our horses passed the veterinary inspection yesterday afternoon and today, as of 03.00 pm, will take place a warm-up on the main track. Outside these times, Rêveur will make a light flat work and walks with his groom will be scheduled.
Silvana will also be present in Aachen and will take part in the CSI which will take place in parallel of the FEI European Championships."