The CSI3* of Ommen signed Ayade's return on the international circuit

Kevin Staut went in Ommen the last week to take part in the CSI3* organized from the 6th to the 9th August. This competition was the opportunity to make the return of Ayade de Septon*HDC on the international circuit.

Kevin Staut: "It is the first time that I participated in this event and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. There were many of riders entered, whose numerous riders that we usually find on CSI5*. The organization was very well, as many competitions in the Netherlands, and the sport level was rather high. We also competed a beautiful Grand Prix, where only 8 couples on 59 entered have managed to make a course without penalty.
This competition allowed me to put back Ayade on the international circuit. Since her fall at St Gall, we had realized some courses in national classes and especially worked a lot at home, to recover a total confidence. I think that everything is back to normal again from now on and that she is ready to regain the high level. Ayade performs three good courses: 13th in the 1,40 m class on the first day, she makes again a clear round in the 1,45 m class on friday, then commits one fence down in the big class (1,50 m) on saturday. They are rather satisfactory results for a return.
I had also entered Qurack with the aim to make him compete in the Grand Prix. This latter made a very good competition in Mannheim (CSIO5 *), three weeks ago. In a general way, he realized a very good 2015 season. Ommen thus was the occasion to pursue his work by decreasing slightly the difficulty of the classes, compared with what he was able to do this year. Even if he competed in beautiful classes in 2015, Qurack is always in a phase of learning and we must not forget it. Make him take part in little less important competitions is essential if we want to prepare him for the major objectives of these next seasons, while preserving him a maximum.

If I consider the different courses realized this weekend, I take a relatively positive assessment even if I do not obtain ranking. My two horses showed good things and they are in top form.

From there to the end of August, the GCT of Valkenswaard and the European championships will be to the program.
Then, all my horses will be at rest the last week of August. I think that it is important that they can enjoy a little rest in this period because the outdoor season will end a few weeks later, then indoors competitions will begin again at the beginning of October, with the circuit World cup in particular. It is a beautiful program which is announced!"