Kevin and Rêveur are ready for the European Championships

The last weekend, Kevin Staut missed the CSIO of Hickstead, to take part in the CSI5* of Dinard which took place on the from now on renowned ground of the Val Porée. Candidate for the next European championships of jumping, the city organized for the first time a CSI5*, and not unsuccessfully.
The best world riders answered present to the appeal of this large ground under grass, along with Bertram Allen, n°7 in the world ranking and victorious of the Grand Prix.

Kevin Staut: "It's been years I had not competed in Dinard and I do not regret to have made the travel for this edition.
Except for my good results, I appreciated a lot this competition in which I participated with the aim to get a potential selection for the European Championships, the Team France being still not officially revealed.
The ground was very good, everything was very well organized, the surroundings was idyllic. All the conditions were gathered to realize a good weekend. The fact of being also able to enter young horses was a very good opportunity. The competition not being far from the stable, it equally allowed me to enter my young recruits, without they have to undergo the constraints of a too long transport. That is how besides Silvana and Rêveur, I had entered Unna and Vendôme, who both made a very concluding competition.
Vendôme, that I rode for the first time in competition, is ranked in each of the classes which he ran: clear rounds in the preparatory class, then 2nd in the speed class and 5th in the 6 yo horses Grand Prix. Without the refusal, of my fault, during the jump-off of the Grand Prix, Vendôme would have realized a virgin score on all the weekend. But, I am already very satisfied with his results. I am going to continue to ride him in alternation with Delphine Perez, HDC's rider, who rides him from the beginning of the year on the young horses circuit. The purpose is that our work is complementary in order to Vendôme can benefit from a really adapted program to his objectives.
Unna, that I already rode in Mannheim 15 days ago, did equally not prove unworthy. Also clear round in the preparatory class of the first day, she takes then the 5th place in the 1,35 m class reserved for 7 yo horses which took place on Friday. Unfortunately, we commit a small fault in the first round of the 7 yo horses Grand Prix and let our hopes of jump-off fly away. Unna had already performed a very good competition in Mannheim. This weekend, in Dinard, she repeated what she had shown us in Germany and this pleases me a lot. It is a very regular mare. I am going to leave her at rest, without competition, during several weekends. We are going to pursue her learning at home.
Concerning the horses of the CSI5*, I had chosen to enter Silvana for not that she stay too long on her bad jump-off of the last class of the GCT of London. In Dinard, she thus jumped the small class of the first day, then the Prize Suez Environnement, on Friday afternoon. We commit a fault in this last, but, given that there were no many clear rounds, we get a 11th place. My purpose, by entering Silvana, was not necessarily to be in the rankings. My wish was that she can redo courses quietly and that she does not stay on a bad impression too long. It is now done.
Concerning Rêveur, his participation in Dinard entered in his program of preparation for the European championships of Aachen, in case of selection. This choice was made in concertation with Philippe Guerdat. After a first course on Friday in a small class, Rêveur jumped directly the Grand Prix. I felt him in shape as of the warm-up. In the arena, Rêveur gave his maximum. It was a real lion! He performed two perfect courses, while being very fast. Bertram, who is more than in shape at the moment, managed to gain some hundredth and to take us the first place. I’m still very satisfied. This result is really encouraging unless three weeks of Aachen. That allows to put everybody in trust: the horse, the team and the rider!
But the selection is not won. It is necessary to wait from now on for Philippe Guerdat's choice, which will take place in the next days.

In the meantime, I shall be this weekend at the CSI3* of Ommen, in the Netherlands."

Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC - Grand Prix - round 1 - 1,60 m

Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC - Grand Prix - jump-off - 1,60 m
Vendôme d'Anchat - 6 yo horses Grand Prix - round 1 - 1,35 m
Vendôme d'Anchat - table A against the clock - 1,30 m
Vendôme d'Anchat - table A not against the clock - 1,25 m
Unna de Kerglenn - table A against the clock - 1,35 m
Unna de Kerglenn - table A not against the clock - 1,30 m