CSIO Mannheim: Kevin Staut elected "Best rider of the show"

The last weekend, Kevin Staut was in competition in Mannheim, in the same place where he took part to his first Senior European championships, in 2007. The competition took place rather well and came to end this long series of unfortunate weekends.

Kevin Staut, who admits to be very satisfied, gives us his impressions: "The CSIO of Mannheim went really really well. For several weeks, I performed rather average performances. This bad period seems to be behind me now, but I have to remain watchful. I do not have to base myself on the results of one weekend. The European championships are going to arrive quickly, I thus owe be the most regular possible if I want to be a member of the team which will go in Aachen.

In Mannheim, I had entered four horses, whose Unna de Kerglenn, with whom I performed my first courses in competition. She was entered in the classes reserved for 7 and 8 yo horses. This first competition turns out concluding, because she performs two clear round on three courses, qualifies herself for the jump-off of the young horses Grand Prix and ends 5th of this class. I am really satisfied with her. Unna showed herself at ease in the arena, even if she begins to have lot of experience in competition. We know each other recently, but we very well adapted ourselves one to another. Unna is a very competitive mare. She has some strength, some blood, but knows how to remain concentrated in the arena. It is important that a horse possesses these qualities to go to make of competition. What she showed this weekend is very encouraging for the future. I shall ride her again in Dinard, from the 30th July till the 2nd august, always in young horses' classes.

Mannheim was also the opportunity for me to ride Qurack, to whom I had granted a few weeks of rest after the Rolex Grand Slam of Aachen. Qurack was again exceptional. It' is incredible how he has progressed from the beginning of the season. In Mannheim, he has competed in the Prize of Europe in the stemming from which he ends 8th, as well as in the Grand Prix, where he ranked 7th. We make every time a small fault in the jump-off. This is on this point that I have to work with him. We have to manage to maintain a steady rhythm from the beginning to the end of our jump-off, while keeping a good quality of jump.

In order to not to stay on the bad performances of Estoril, Sunday Top was also in Germany. Everything is back to normal again because Sunday really makes a good competition. She commits one fence down in the 1,45 m class of the first day, but takes then the 10th place, then the 7th place of the two other 1,45 m classes of the weekend. I am reassured. This type of classes seems well to suit her thus we are going to pursue in this way for the next competitions.

4th horse entered this weekend, Rêveur was planned to compete in the Nations Cup. He performed a preparatory class on the 1st day, before taking part in the team competition which took place on Saturday afternoon. In this last, Rêveur is clear in the first round. During the second, we commit a fault on the water jump. Even if it would have changed nothing to the final ranking, I blame myself to have committed this fault. I am on the other hand very happy to have been able to share this experience with these team-mates. We did not have the opportunity to ride a lot in Nations Cups together, even if I have already teamed up with Nicolas and Jérôme in La Baule. For Matthieu, it was the first time. It is pleasant and enriching to team up with new riders.

This competition gave me back the morale. In addition, I end "best rider of the competition", thanks to all these good results. My team and I are very motivated...We look forward to the next competitions. We will begin with London, as of Friday."