Silvana in top form in Shanghai!

For this second edition of the GCT in Shanghai, Kevin Staut had chosen to enter the same two horses that in the World Cup Final in Las Vegas. That's the way Silvana * HDC and Qurack Falaise * HDC flew away for China for about ten days.
The event ended with a fine performance of Silvana*HDC in the last class. Signing a double clear round, she took a 4th place before returning to European soil.

Kevin Staut: "Silvana and Qurack form a beautiful duet and are complementary enough. On this competition format, it allows me to properly distribute the tests between each horse. 
The first day, Qurack takes the 11th place in the class serving him as a preparation for the Grand Prix. He made a good course, by being relaxed.
The next day, in the Grand Prix, he was in top form and makes a stupid fence down on the penultimate fence, an oxer, which  was however quite easy to approach. The rest of the course, the horse jumped very well. I think that Qurack has now taken his marks on high level competitions. There are still some points to work but he shows, at each course, he has all means and mind for this level of classes.

Concerning Silvana, she was in resplendent form. Penalized with 4 points in the big class on the first day, we do not reach to qualify us for the jump-off, but she still performs a good course. At rest on Saturday, she ends this weekend with a very nice 4th place in the jump-off test (1.55 m) on Sunday, by performing a double clear. This ranking allows us to forget our small disappointment in Las Vegas. I equally conclude that this competitions frequency seems to suit her. If we select well our events and classes where she will take part, I think Silvana will perform a new brilliant season. When she is in the arena, she shows this incredible will that characterizes her so well. I feel this envy in her.
Her competition program for the coming weeks is not yet established. We will see after La Baule. I do not want to put pressure on us with that.

This week we will take part in one of the most beautiful French events, the mythical CSIO of La Baule, which will serve, among others, as a repetition before its German counterpart, the CSI5* of Aachen, the last weekend in May."

Videos : 
Silvana*HDC - round 1 - 1,55 m
Silvana*HDC - jump-off - 1,55 m